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Welcome to our job description 😃! We’re looking for a rock star Chief of Staff / Executive Operations Leader and here’s hoping we’re a good fit.

Four 13 Group is a fun and caring team of people disguised as a digital commerce agency and has loads of opportunity and potential. More than anything, though, we’re focused on making a difference ❤️ in the lives, families, and communities of those who desire to fully buy in and support our mission.

What’s our mission? We thought you’d never ask‼️

We aim to transform the lives and surrounding communities of 1001 team members in the Philippines by 2028. How will we accomplish this? We believe the answer lies in finding and hiring team members who, along with a healthy dose of self-care, desire to care for and enrich the lives of others. With a hard-working, committed team of individuals that consistently shows up, owns their stuff, displays humility, has a help first mentality, actively communicates, and isn’t afraid of a little fun 🎉, only the sky – no, only ends of the multiverse is the limit.

Regarding our interview process, we believe that formal interviews don’t reasonably reflect people’s ability to deliver, their communication and whether they are a good fit in our organization. So instead, we do more minimal interviews and hire people on a probationary basis and during that time, if either of us feel it isn’t a good fit, then we can choose to part ways.

Below are some additional details on what we’re looking for in a candidate. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Role (Overview of the Position)

  • The Executive Operations (Exec Ops) role is pivotal to ensuring the CEO’s effectiveness and efficiency. This role, focuses on managing the CEO’s day-to-day activities, enhancing their productivity, and serving as a trusted confidant and strategic partner. The ideal Exec Ops candidate is detail-oriented, highly organized, an exceptional communicator, and committed to providing unwavering support to the CEO.

Responsibilities (Tasks Associated with the Role)

  • Support to the CEO: Providing high-level support to ensure the CEO can focus on strategic priorities. The Exec Ops will become an integral part of the CEO’s daily routine.
  • Information Management: Manage and organize critical information, including emails, calls, and meetings.
  • Task Delegation: Gradually assume responsibility for tasks that do not energize the CEO or tasks for which the CEO lacks the capacity. The goal is to free up the CEO’s time for strategic priorities.
  • Accountability: Keep the CEO accountable for commitments and help reports within the organization stay accountable for achieving results. Ensure transparency and follow-through on all initiatives.
  • Strategic Time Management: Make judgment calls on how the CEO should best allocate their time and identify the most valuable meetings and activities for the CEO to participate in.

Results(Success Measures for this role)

  • Provide clear direction for his/her direct reports based on the company visions and core values.
  • Efficient Information Flow: Ensure a seamless flow of critical information to and from the CEO. This includes timely handling of emails, calls, and meetings, which will prevent bottlenecks and facilitate quick decision-making.
  • Task Optimization: Over the course of 90 days, gradually take on tasks that allow the CEO to allocate their time to higher-impact activities. This should lead to a measurable reduction in the CEO’s workload.
  • Task Efficiency: Streamline administrative processes and optimize time management to increase overall efficiency. This will result in smoother operations within the executive office.
    • Email and Communication Management:
      • Reduce CEO’s email backlog by a certain percentage within 90 days.
      • Maintain a response time benchmark for important emails, ensuring prompt communication.

    Requirements(Expected Proficiencies)

    • Strong organizational skills with a keen attention to detail.
    • Exceptional written and oral communication skills.
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information.
    • Highly motivated and capable of taking initiative.
    • Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing priorities and work in a dynamic environment.
    • Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
    • Previous experience in executive support or related roles is a plus.

    This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.

  • After 90 Days
    • Reimbursements for SSS, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig, and Internet
    • Eligible to use earned Paid Time Offs
    • Eligible to get the 13th Month Pay by December
    • After 180 Days
      • Eligible to avail of our health and dental care cash assistance which is also applicable for approved immediate dependents

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