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We are looking for a rock star QA Tester/Developer Trainee. This job is full-time, 40 hours per week.

Regarding our interview process, we believe that formal interviews don’t reasonably reflect people’s ability to deliver, their communication and whether they are a good fit in our organization. So instead, we do more minimal interviews and hire people on a probationary basis and during that time, if either of us feel it isn’t a good fit, then we can choose to part ways. Hopefully you’ll have made some money and learned a few things to add to your CV and we’ve gotten some great code.

Below are some additional details on what we’re looking for in a candidate. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Role (Overview of the Position)

  • As a QA/Developer Trainee, you are responsible for conducting manual, creating, maintaining, and running automated testing modules, and unit testing with the pod deliverables to assure high quality solutions/products based on the client requirements.

Responsibilities(Tasks Associated with the Role)

  • Ensure deliverables are according to agreed client requirements and of high quality
  • Provide estimated turnaround time and deliver accordingly
  • Growth mindset – Ready to learn BigCommerce and Acumatica and how they integrate with each other

Results(Success Measures for this role)

  • Deliver UAT-level outputs based on the client requirements
  • Collaborate with Pod Owner, Project Manager, Project Lead Developer, Developers, and other potential QA to ensure high-quality outputs are delivered in a timely manner
  • Deliver satisfactory projects to clients who would want to sign up and recommend our services to others
  • Work as a competent member of a team
  • Actively support group goals

Requirements(Expected Proficiencies)

  • Exhibits the company Core Values all the time:
    • We value and serve one another.
    • We take ownership of and have pride in our work.
    • We have a growth mindset.
    • We communicate clearly and effectively.
    • We take action..
  • Capacity to commit on project timeline
  • Can juggle multiple projects at a time while maintaining keen attention to detail
  • Knowledge/experience in Nodejs with a strong growth mindset to do manual, automated and unit testing
  • Knowledge in Basic QA Principles and Methodologies in Software Development
  • Knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Knows how to use Postman for API Testing
  • Knowledge in Cypress End-to-End Testing Framework is a big plus, but not required
  • Knowledge of other End-to-End Automation Testing software a plus, but not required
  • Knowledge in Unit Testing libraries like Jest, Mocha and Chai is a big plus, but not required
  • Attention to detail
  • An excellent English communicator
  • A diligent worker with the ability to be flexible
  • An unquenchable thirst for knowledge
  • Structured problem solving skills that enable you to break down a large complex challenge into achievable intermediate steps
  • Internal motivation to do great work, and require little to no supervision to accomplish tasks
  • Advance expertise with Google Workspace
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills (in English)
  • Excellent listening skills with the ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data and info
  • Ability to improve business processes
  • Adaptable with critical thinking
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • A diligent worker with the ability to be flexible
  • Unquestionable integrity
  • A rock-solid internet connection and a great computer to work on

If you think you qualify for this, kindly complete the Coderbyte assessment below:

  • Javascript:

Don’t worry if you find the above assessment challenging, it gives us a great sense of your skill; do your best, submit whatever you come up with and we will follow-up afterwards.

Let us know when you are done with the assessment together with your application and also let us know if you encounter any issues while doing the assessment.

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