What Makes Us Unique

Our Approach

Three Uniques

We love our clients, our team, and our partners and it shows.

We love business; this isn’t just a tech project, it’s about moving your business forward.

We love technology and know when and where to use it, and more importantly, how not to.

The Four13
Practical Approach

Why a Practical Approach

      • PMBOK ~ 1000 pages
      • Easy to get caught up in “doing the methodology” and forget you have a project that brings value to the company
      • It’s about building a team to achieve a dream
      • Six Steps to Winning
Step 1 - Getting to know one another
  • Working with us always starts with a conversation, or two or three. We want to understand what you want to achieve, the issues you are facing, the things you can only dream of and the parts of the business that you worry about. I mean… REALLY worry about. The more we know about the business, the more we can help position you for a future that is more influenced by technology than ever before.
  • As we’re understanding the business, we’re always looking for opportunities to solve problems, usually, but not always, with technology. It could be that your sales are strong but there are inefficiencies that are plaguing profitability. Perhaps the operation is streamlined but sales are stagnating. We love putting our problem solving skills to work to help create efficiencies or to find new revenue opportunities.
  • Finally, we’re not in this for a quick buck. Our goal is to be raising a toast to you and your company 20 years from now as we celebrate the fruits of our partnership.
Step 2 - Proposal / Statement of Work
  • When we collectively think there’s an opportunity for us to help you, we will put together a proposal / statement of work.
Step 3 - Project Initiation
  • Team Introduction
    • Photos?
    • Bios?
  • Schedule
    • Plan with Milestones and Dates
  • Communication
    • Who / How / When
  • Approach
    • Agile
Step 4 - Project Execution
  • Approach
    • Agile Sprints
  • Communication
    • Who / How / When
Step 5 - Project Launch
  • Approach
    • Punchlist of Final Items
  • Communication
    • More frequent
  • Hypercare and Quick Fix Engineering
Step 6 - Project Aftercare
  • Time and Materials – we are around if you need help


On-time and on-budget or it’s on us. – We deliver the agreed upon project scope, on-time and on-budget or we give you 25% off the final payment.

The best way to find out how Four13 Group can help with your eCommerce solution is to talk with us.

We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need