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eCommerce Services

Four13 Group Serves as a Digital Agency

In addition to front end design and development, we are capable of bridging the gap, especially when ecommerce implementations and integrations become technically complex.

Our Commerce Services Include:

A True Partnership Approach

Through Strategic & Solution Development Consulting

At Four13 Group we come to the table to understand the goals and objectives for the business and the desired customer experience. Through a collaborative effort we’ll design an eCommerce solution that not only meets the needs of the end customers but the business’ internal team as well.

eCommerce Implementation

Design and development of eCommerce functionality on a variety of platforms


End-to-End New and Migration Implementations:

From designing customer-facing websites to integrating with other organizational systems, we design and develop new or migrate existing eCommerce functionality on a variety of platforms.

We work with tech-stacks tailored to each individual clients’ needs. Sometimes that’s BigCommerce or Shopify, other times it’s a local platform.

And all can be paired with a variety of solutions or SaaS offerings.

We can build websites from scratch or work with existing self-hosted sites. Integrating sites with new, existing, or legacy systems is part of a majority of our projects as well.

eCommerce Integration

 Integration of your eCommerce platform with ERPs, CRMs, PIMs and more


Integrations With Other Platforms:

Integration of your eCommerce platform with ERPs, CRMs, PIMs and more. Once we’ve established where there are gaps or lack of integration between your systems and your eCommerce platform, we can help build that integration.

Whether your eCommerce platform needs to integrate with your ERP, CRM, 3rd Party Marketplaces, Fulfillment / Warehouse Management Systems, we’ll work with you to get the data connected appropriately.

We’ve successfully integrated product data, inventory levels, order data, customer data, email subscription list, up-sell / cross-sell opportunities, sell products on other 3rd party markets, fulfillment through a single channel and more.


 Bringing eCommerce to mobile devices via native apps, PWAs and, Headless Commerce


AppCommerce (eCommerce for Mobile Devices):

Bringing eCommerce to mobile devices via native apps, PWAs, and Headless Commerce
Our philosophy when it comes to app-based eCommerce, is that we believe you should be able to develop software once and it should be optimized to run anywhere.

Headless commerce allows you to use the same back-end eCommerce platform that you love on the desktop and mobile browsers in a native app form factor. It’s the best of both worlds!

We’ve developed eCommerce optimized for mobile:

  • 100% customizable purchasing experience
  • Mobile-first or mobile-only eCommerce
  • Native app or PWA (website as a native app) eCommerce

eCommerce Search and Analytics

Search, Analytics and Data Visualization

eCommerce Search and Analytics:

Our strategy overall is to use data to lay the foundation. Analytics help us to understand who is on your site today and how did they get there? Then, we optimize the content for conversion. Maybe it’s a matter of changing up your lingo to reflect how people actually speak, or maybe you need a different path to get traffic to convert.

eCommerce Marketing

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for your eCommerce

eCommerce Marketing:

Maybe you’ve been too busy building your business to worry about building your brand. Whether that be via a web site or social media presence or maybe even handing out good old fashioned handshakes and brochures, we can help.

We’ve seen and built our fair share of websites. We offer many services from full requirements gathering, design and deployment, to helping you change a few things here or there.

We’ve tweeted, we’ve posted on Facebook, we’ve gathered a following on Instagram. But, we also know that not everybody needs all of those solutions.

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